Business Marketing

Are you like most small businesses who need reliable resources to access working capital, credit, marketing, communication tools, and more?

You may have heard about our Business Success System on major Television Networks.

Plus, learn “insider secrets” for generating new profit – not creating more debt. We improve your financial position by using a success driven, time tested model, which locks in your long-term success.


#1 – They want more leads to attract more clients/customers.  #2 – They want to reach a minimum amount in annual revenue, so they can live the life they richly deserve.

We provide ALL SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS with the solutions, tools, resources, and support they need to accomplish both goals.

Do You Need One-On-One Business Success Coaching? Ready For Professional Guidance?


This is the only step-by-step guide that you will need to understand business credit, establishing credibility, and securing over $250K in sustainable credit and/or cash-flow in less than 90-days. It features:

  1. Over 20 procedures for establishing business compliance.
  2. Information about establishing a business credit profile and building good business credit scores.
  3. Resourceful, clickable links to what you need to do to establish your business’s credibility (411 listing, EIN and Entity Set-Up, Business Name, Phone and Address, Website Registration and Set-Up, Email Set-Up, D&B Set-Up Assistance, Credit Bureaus Set-Up Assistance, and More).
  4. Definitive lists of over 35 tradeline vendors with underwriting guidelines to help you to build initial credit linked to your business EIN, and in most cases without a personal guarantee. Plus, conversant tips throughout the process.
  5. Access HIGH-Limit Store Cards
  6. Access HIGH-Limit Fleet Cards
  7. Access HIGH-Limit Cash Credit Cards
  8. Unsecured No-Doc, Low % Funding
  9. PayPal Revolving Credit Solution
  10. 12-Months Free Credit Monitoring
  11. Secure Business Loans Within 72-Hours 
  12. Business Credit & Business Funding Secrets


This is perfect for anyone looking to improve (or maintain) their positive credit score, get approved for a loan, purchase a car, a home, etc,.  Package includes:

  1. 60+ Well Written Editable Dispute Letters
  2. Exclusive Credit Repair Techniques
  3. Secrets on how the Credit Bureaus Work
  4. Increase your Credit Score in 30-60 Days
  5. Where to send your Letter to Get Results
  6. Follow Up Letters if Bureaus Don’t Respond
  7. What NOT to do when Repairing your Credit
  8. How to Establish and Build Personal Credit
  9. FREE Personal Budget Guide & More!


We have relationships with multiple lenders. However, our objective is to help you avoid this funding option because of the “high rates” associated with the convenience. For example:

  1. A typical “buy rate” from a Lender or Brokers average 22%-35%. 
  2. The Lender or Broker “sale rate” is roughly 33%-50% interest loan. 
  3. $100,000 loan @ 50% interest = $150,000 payback over 8-months = $18,750 monthly payback commitment.

That scenario would be tough for most small businesses to comfortably manage. However, if you prefer to go with that option, based on the 1-3 day funding cycle, we then past a large percentage of those points back to you – saving you thousands of dollars in non-paid interest fees. 


We help a wide range of businesses conquer challenges and achieve goals through strategic partnerships, with leading technology service providers and our network of independent technology advisors.

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Through strategic, multi-carrier relationships, we can provide telecom support for any small, medium or enterprise size business, including fortune 500 corporations, cities, government agencies, and other business organizations. 

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Regardless of your industry, you’ll benefit from quantifiable improvements related to performance, security, reliability, cost requirements, and business results when it comes to telecom, cloud, and technology management expenditures.


You can finally have a merchant account in the high-risk environment. When other credit card processors say no, we say yes because of a unique solution for high-risk merchant accounts to accept credit cards for payment.  Ask us about our free terminal!