Your Approved – GUARANTEED!!

All businesses need cash to operate and to grow … that’s a fact of life. But sometimes funding is hard to get. No matter what your current business situation – we get you funded. We guide you through the process that legitimizes your business with a suite of financial building blocks. YAFB is dedicated to providing small businesses with real financial solutions – no matter how large, small, or limited their budget is; we can swiftly IMPROVE YOUR CREDIT AND GUARANTEE FUNDING for your BUSINESS. 

We have formed resources and specific alliances, providing a turn-key approach, implemented by our highly experienced experts. We can make your business CREDIT-READY and GUARANTEE to fund, based upon your overall business circumstance. Get up to $750,000 within 3-weeks using “stated income” only with No Tax Returns Required!  Includes LIVE support from Business Profit Consultants with our “Business Success Secrets” package.